Venturing out of town for work or play can be exciting, but it can also be a stressful experience, especially when flights are delayed or you have anxiety related to flying. You can, though, enhance your airport experience with techniques to keep yourself busy, calm and happy. Check out these tips that offer you ways to survive the airport.

Keep Moving

Spending hours upon hours waiting for your flight in an airport can lead to a sedentary afternoon or evening. Ironically, though, sitting for too long can increase stress and anxiety in airports. When you have some time to kill before a flight, get up and get moving. Airports offer winding, wide hallways perfect for walking – or power walking. Give your mind a rest and your body a boost with some mild exercise and stretching while people watching along the way.


When you feel drained physically, your mind is likely to wander and anticipate the worst case scenario. Staying hydrated can actually help calm you and leave you feeling more energized and positive. While you can’t bring in bottles of water through airport security, you can pack a refillable empty bottle to fill up at a drinking fountain near the gate. Take water with you on the flight, too, as flying can sometimes dehydrate the body.

Pack Snacks

A long wait is going to lead to hunger and if you want to avoid eating fatty or sugary snacks, bring along your own. Pack some trail mix or a bag of fruits and veggies to snack on while flying or while waiting in the airport terminal. Don’t forget hand sanitizer, too, to easily clean up after diving into those snacks.

Stay Calm

It’s not always easy to relax when you’re worried about a delayed or cancelled flight in an airport. However, there are stress-relieving techniques, such as CBD products, deep breathing, meditation and relaxation strategies. In some airports, you can even pay for a session in a massage chair to help you minimize stress.

Put on Your Headphones

Use this time at the airport to drift away from reality. Put on your headphones and play your favorite audiobook, podcast or playlist to help relieve stress. Surviving the chaos of an airport relies heavily on separating your anxiety from the stress surrounding you. Indulging in music or an audio narrative can help you to distance yourself from the stress of the airport.


If you are craving interaction, the airport is the perfect place to find individuals who have rich experiences and travel story. Spark up a conversation with a person sitting next to you and learn more about your similarities and differences. While not all conversations are interesting, you can at least buy some time and take your mind off of airport stress when discussing common interests with a total stranger.