Summer has finally returned and now we can all go out and enjoy all of the outdoor experiences that summer has to offer. But this also means that you’re going to be closing up all of those windows and doors and turning your air conditioner up to keep the allergens, humidity and heat out. Our article features some of the most useful tips for summer air conditioning maintenance!

Firstly, you’ll want to remember to remove any protective covering that you had on your outdoor unit and keep it stored for a long, heated and enjoyable summer! Next, you’ll want to have the power to your unit restored if you had it turned off since about last fall. Don’t forget to adjust the temperature on your unit to one that of course makes you happy as you also set the thermostat to cool mode. And, since you’ve just powered your unit for the first time in quite some time, be sure to allow it some to deal with any built-up delays.

Since you’ll want to be using your unit to keep cool for a few months well, we’ll now go into additional maintenance tips that we’re sure you should follow. You’ll need to firstly turn the power of your condenser off. Be sure to check for any overgrown plants and other obstructions that have somehow covered your condenser in its down time. And don’t forget to give your condenser at least a comfortable 12 inches for better airflow.

Next, you’ll need to ensure that you flush out the coils of your outdoor unit. In order to perform this task, you’ll need to remove the exterior panels if they can be removed for cleaning purposes. You’ll need a clean stream of water to remove any debris off of the coils face. When you’ve finished cleaning the heavy stuff out of the coil, you can use a blower in order to blow any more sludge and dust straight through.

After you’ve replaced the panels which were previously removed, you can now finally return your condensers power. When it comes to the furnace, you’ll also need to ensure that you clean out your condensate line which runs from the floor drain to the evaporator. It is also always a good idea to replace the old filter on your furnace, and you can do so within your typical replacement schedule. Additionally, you’ll want to keep the vents on the desired floors to be kept cool free and open from any blockage.

As we conclude, we have just looked at the most useful tips for summer air conditioning maintenance. If for some reason you think and of course feel that your air conditioning unit is not functioning as it should and the temperature isn’t as cool or cold as it should be, we suggest that you contact a professional AC service company. Even though you took precautions to maintain your unit, sometimes minor issues can still occur so, be sure to contact a local professional today!