Key Features of a Smart Home Security System

The internet has really revolutionized how we approach home security. Over the past few years, burglar alarms have been slowing fading out with modern home security systems taking the lead. These contemporary security systems combine traditional burglar alarm features with the ability to control, monitor and interact with the house from your tablet or smartphone via an app. So what is a smart home security system? It’s a combination of motion sensors, wireless security cameras, door locks, sensors, sirens that will be triggered once there is any sort of unauthorized entry in your premise. Here are some of the things to be on the lookout for when selecting a smart home security systems:

Outdoor Siren

Not all the kits offered come with a dummy siren installed. An outdoor siren deters external predators who may be lurking which is why you should have one specifically installed. It’s a fact that criminals are less likely to hit a joint that will for sure cause a fracas the second they get in range.

WiFi Range

This the backbone of the entire security system and when it’s down, there will be a lapse in the video footage. You should select a system with a long WiFi range of about 50 meters so that the smart home hubs can communicate with each other easily. Also, the interconnection of the various wireless devices that support the smart home will not be a problem with a broader WiFi range.

Smartphone Compatibility

This is an important factor to note because it is the medium through which you get to view and ensure the security of your place. For connections to happen, you need to have a compatible smartphone preferably Android or Apple since most systems work with these platforms. This will keep operations flowing at home and the workplace.

Battery Back-up

It never hurts to have a back-up plan in your pocket in case things go haywire. Smart home security systems with back-up batteries can keep the system running if a power cut happens or if their is an outage. This can go a long way to giving you peace of mind as you conduct your normal routines.

Alarm Responsiveness

You always want to feel safe and secure at your house and in the event of a burglary, you also need to be assured that authorities will be at your premise within minutes. For this reason, the service provider needs to have a good reputation and can coordinate with the local authorities when need be. A trigger in any of the alarms will be met with a siren as one of the customer care agents makes a direct home call to confirm the threat. If you don’t pick up, the police will immediately be dispatched to your residence.

So in short, by using an app already installed on your tablet or smartphone, you can have 24-hr controlled access to whatever is happening at your place. In some cases, you can even control things like heating, lighting and other wireless appliances while on your phone. There are various kits you can choose from so when shopping for a security system, choose the one that works for you.