About Syrah Wine

In this article, we will discuss a delicious variety of red wine, Syrah wine. Also known as Shiraz, the grapes that make up this beverage are grown on 460,000 acres of land across the world. These acres are in countries that include France, Spain, Australia, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Italy, and the United States. However, the majority of the grapes grown to make Syrah wine are grown in France.

Syrah grapes are responsible for some of the darkest wines in the world, as well as those reds that are very full-bodied. The fruit flavors found in the wine are generally dark, ranging from blackberry to even the savory black olive. Either way, this is a wine that will greet your taste buds with a punch of flavor and then begin to taper off with an aftertaste that is quite peppery.

Depending on where the Syrah grapes are grown, you will enjoy either a New World Syrah or an Old World Syrah wine. If you purchase a bottle made from the grapes grown in France or Italy, two countries that are known for delicious varieties of grapes that make some of the most famous wines in the world, you are likely to enjoy a glass of Old World Syrah. These tend to contain more earthy, herbaceous aromas as well as a larger amount of acidity. The wines that fall under the category of New World Syrah tend to be made from grapes grown in the United States, South Africa, and Australia. The taste of New World Syrah has characteristics that are more fruit-driven, and a larger amount of spice.

Of course, any wine-loving person will want to know which foods pair best with Syrah. Because of this wine’s full-bodied flavor, it tends to pair best with bold dishes. You want to select food that will bring out the wine’s subtle nuances, such as barbecue and even blue cheese burgers. When using spices in your dishes that you plan to eat while enjoying a glass of Old World Syrah wine, it’s best to select those that pay homage to the flavors of France, such as fennel, thyme, and lavender.

Fun Facts About Syrah Wine

1. Some of the most expensive Syrah wine is made from grapes grown on a hill in France close to the village of Tain-l’Hermitage, bearing aromas that are both floral as well as smokey, like grilled meat.

2. Some confuse “Petite Sirah” with the grapes that make Syrah wine. These are, in fact, two different grape varieties, although Petite Sirah grapes are the genetic offspring of Syrah grapes.

3. Those who grow wine often say that Syrah likes a view. This is due to the fact that the vineyards that produce the best Syrah grapes tend to be located at the top of hills, where there is less soil. These areas produce less but more concentrated grapes.

In conclusion, if you enjoy full-bodied, dry red wines this is a delicious wine to try with your next dish that is bursting with flavor.