What You Need To Know About Casper Beds

If you know anything about the “bed in a box” industry, you have probably heard a lot about the Casper beds over the last few years. In this review, we will discuss some of the pros and the cons associated with Casper’s original mattress along with a breakdown on the sleeper type, support, firmness, and feel.

Who Are The Casper Beds Made For:

• Anyone in search of an all-foam, comfortable mattress at a reasonable price

• Petite and average body types

• People who prefer a neutral and soft foam feel

• People who prefer purchasing from well-established and big brands

• People who do not enjoy the feel of traditional memory-foam mattresses

Who Might Not Enjoy This Bed:

• Heavier individuals

• People who prefer the true memory-foam feel

What Does A Casper Mattress Cost?

The Casper beds are definitely not among the cheapest of the online mattresses, yet they are also not expensive either. The prices are reasonable when compared to many other well-known brands. Here is a current breakdown of the prices below:

• Twin- $595

• Twin XL – $695

• Full – $895

• Queen – $1,095

• King – $1,395

Zoned Support Foam Construction

Casper is classified as all-foam beds in comparison to the hybrid mattress that includes both coils and foam. The original Casper mattresses are pretty basic. They contain 4 foam material layers which include the base layer (supportive foam), a zoned-transition foam layer, a memory-foam layer, and an open-cell foam top layer.

Every foam layer in Casper mattresses are all approved by CertiPUR-US program, and this means they all have a low VOC and are made using materials that do not contribute towards depleting the ozone layer.

The Firmness Or The Softness Rating

These mattresses provide a soft-foam feel. When it comes to firmness ratings, the Casper mattresses provide medium firmness. This means it is in the middle of the firm-to-soft spectrum.

With every type of all-foam bed, you will probably notice that the overall responsiveness is a bit slower as these mattresses do not feature coils that are known for assisting with bounce-back. Yet the Casper mattresses offer fast responsiveness even though it is an all-foam mattress. What this means for people that frequently change their sleeping position over the course of the night, they will not find it difficult to turn over. In addition, there will not be any sunken spots left behind once you do turn over.

Who Will Prefer The Casper Mattresses?

The original mattress produced by the Casper brand is a medium mattress when it comes to the firmness scale. This may appear to be too soft or the people that sleep on either their stomachs or their backs. These sleeping positions require enough support around areas like the trunk and the hips. Yet from a variety of reviews on the Casper mattresses, it has been mentioned that even though these beds are not classified as a firm option, the overall combination of the different foam densities make these beds a lot more supportive than some may expect.