The author Malcolm Gladwell said (in his great book ‘ Outliers: The Story of Success ‘) that one needed 10,000 hours of practice to be a ‘phenom’. That is someone who is simply recognized as incredible at what they do. The same could be said of companies such as Microsoft or Samsung, or Apple – companies that have come to epitomize excellence in their fields. The producers of wine from Silver Oak Cellars are continually striving to ensure that their vineyards in Alexander Valley and Napa in Califonia contribute to making their wines the market leaders.

And the way that they are doing echoes what many experts have realized – you have to focus on a specific area in order to simply become the byword for excellence. And the two partners at Silver Oak Cellars knew exactly what they would be focusing on – producing the best Cabernet Sauvignon in California.

Today the efforts of Raymond Twomey Duncan and Justin Meyer who started the cellars in a dairy barn in the early 70’s are paying off. The days of producing that first vintage of only 11,00 cases are long gone – today their initial ambitions have been realized – and given the quality of the wines that they produce it would not surprise many wine lovers if they went on to still greater things.

One of the guiding principles when it comes to wine from Silver Oak Cellars is that the winemakers truly believe that they have yet to make their best bottle of wine – it is a process of continual improvement. They certainly have the acreage to ensure that their wines are appreciated by those in love with the finer things in life. The around 400 acres under vine they seem to be well of their way to really getting the best out of the grapes that they produce.

They also have a keen understanding of what drives people to enjoy wines. For some, it is an investment opportunity – for others the pleasure that can be taken from analysis of deep complexity, while for others it is the simple joy of enjoying the flavors of a glass of magnificent wine. In order to ensure that each consumer is satisfied with their experience, they source grapes from independent producers across the Napa and Alexander Valley. These are growers that share their passion for producing wines of exceptional quality.

They have demonstrated their commitment by investing in a cooperage, ensuring that the American Oak barrels that contribute so much to the complex flavors of their wines are always available. These winemakers also do not hurry their wines. Those wines spend that extra time in the barrel that truly makes them shine.

The result is wines such as the ‘2014 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon’ with its rich and deep crimson, almost purplish hue. It bursts with flavor that has complex layers of Black Cherry, Cassis, pipe tobacco and caramel – with hints of cocoa and strawberry. This is only one example of a wine from these producers that rewards the wine lover with an experience that will not soon be forgotten. Get hold of a bottle (or two) today. They’re available for sale on their website – you will be glad you paid them a visit.