ESPN+ is a streaming service from the Disney owned sports network. In this ESPN+ review, we’ll take a look at things like ease of access, cost and the types of sports programs and events that you’ll get access to with ESPN+

Which brings up the ultimate question about any streaming service. Is it worth shelling out extra money every month? That depends on a few factors. Let’s state right up front, ESPN+ is not going to replace your cable package. This isn’t a streaming service for anyone looking to cut the cord from their cable package.

In fact, the main ESPN programs such as NBA games and Monday Night Football can only be enjoyed through your cable package. You won’t find them on the ESPN+ service. But for the diehard sports fan ESPN+ offers a great package of sporting events that you won’t get anywhere else.

For example, if you’re a soccer fan, ESPN+ is the place for you. While Major League Soccer has a decent presence on TV now, there are still relatively few games on. However, with ESPN+ you can get access to over 250 out of market MLS games. ESPN+ is replacing MLS Live, which was $80 a year just by itself. You’ll also get access to international matches as well. ESPN+ has a lot of soccer.

You’ll also get a lot more baseball, In fact, for Major League Baseball, you’ll get a game every day, although it’s subject to local blackout rules.

Besides a game a day from MLB, you’ll also have access to college sports that don’t have the fan base that the major college sports of basketball and football have across the country.

If you’re a fight fan, ESPN+ is also home to a lot of UFC events as well.

What do you pay for all this sports action? The cost of ESPN+ is only $4.99 a month. Again, keep in mind, this service is not going to allow you to cut the cord from cable. But if you’re a huge sports fan, the price may be well worth it for what you get.

Also, there will be an option to roll ESPN+ into the new Disney+ streaming service when it launches, if that’s something that interests you. Disney+ will be trying to compete directly with Netflix, so if you already have a service like Netflix it may be something worth looking into when it happens.

You’ll also get access to some original content on the streaming service as well, although this is by no means the focus of it.

Some of the original programming include a show about the NFL draft, called Draft Academy, as well as a basketball show hosted by none other than Kobe Bryant. There’s a documentary on Bobby Knight, the former long time controversial basketball coach at Indiana University.

For soccer fans, the round table discussion ESPN FC has actually been moved from cable television to ESPN+. So, if you love that show, you’ll need ESPN+ to keep watching it.

ESPN+ Review: How To Access ESPN

One of the great things about ESPN+ is how easy it is to access. You can do so right from the ESPN web site as well as through the app for both Android and iOS. ESPN+ is also available through Apple TV as working on Amazon products like the Amazon Fire. You shouldn’t have any problems accessing this streaming service.

While this isn’t a streaming service that will replace your cable package, ESPN+ is a very attractive option for diehard sports fans, especially for MLB, MLS and the UFC. And you’ll get all this at a very reasonable price, too.