WordPress managed hosting is a popular solution for a good reason. Its ever-growing community and robust features make it the first choice among numerous users. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

Automatic Updates

The platform automatically updates your installations whenever a new version comes out. This means you do not need to update your WordPress core and its plugins as well as themes. The convenience of automatic updates is quite appealing.


Perhaps the first thing that’s notable for may users is the speed that WordPress blogs and sites load. Loading speeds have a correlation with the rate of conversions of new users. Statistics show that slow sites quickly lose out on people who would have purchased their products or services if the website was faster. Managed hosting often has fewer websites allowing yours to load pretty fast.

Ideal Uptime

A managed hosting solution on WordPress guarantees 99.99% uptime without any unscheduled downtimes. The scaling flexibility allows you to benefit from unlimited storage space even when the resources run low during peak times.

Excellent Technical Support

Managed WordPress hosting providers ascertain that their clients get superior technical support round the clock, to make sure that any issues are resolved as soon as possible. Given the technical support team only focuses on managed WordPress hosting, you can learn from their knowledge to run an excellent web solution.

Back Up

Even when something unforeseen happens to your site, a solid backup service via managed WordPress hosting services will restore your system to a normal state. With excellent data recovery and high redundancy policies, this solution is without a doubt one of the best out there.

Most of these solutions provide nightly backups to prevent the loss of your web content. With a highly dynamic internet where hackers and malware attacks are pretty common, this is certainly a relief for many. SImply, you do not have to worry about the technical requirements to run your own data backup on a regular basis.

Great Security

These services are ideally secure as the platform is maintained by professionals who have an excellent understanding of creating and managing firewalls and much more. Managed hosting for WordPress provides a solid service that protects your site from malware attacks, allowing it to not only be safe but always accessible to your users.

Web platforms that are easily infected with malware ideally infect client machines, thus spreading the malware to the visitors. This ideally lowers your ranking on the search engines as crawlers tend to lower rankings or even delist the site when they detect viruses or malware.


Deploying a managed WordPress hosting service only takes a few minutes, as opposed to a number of days with other solutions. This allows you and your team to spend a short time in the development and set up of web-based systems and projects. The service provider handles the physical infrastructure and any needed compatible software solutions so that you can just plug and play. They ideally handle on demand pre-installed plugins and themes.