The Best Ways to Wear Eyeshadow

Wearing makeup is an excellent way to accentuate your features and bring attention to the most beautiful parts of your face. Eyeshadow is one article of makeup, one that gives color and dimension to your eyelids. Eyeshadow can be used to change the shape of your eyes, and even aid in boosting the natural color of your peepers. If that were not awesome enough, you can even utilize different shades of shadow to give the illusion that your eyes are a different color than they are. So how can you wear eyeshadow in such a way that your features are displayed perfectly? Consider these ways.

1. Natural

Sometimes the best way to wear your makeup is by adopting a natural approach. The shades that you select will vary on your skin tone, but it’s best to choose a palette that comes with two or three colors. While the exact number does not matter, you will want at least one color to use as a highlight and one to provide shading. Matte makeup is the best to use if you are seeking a natural look.

When would you want to wear natural eyeshadow? A natural look is best for professional situations, as well as for an event that will involve photography, such as a wedding. Matte makeup does not cause reflections when a photograph with flash is taken. You can also choose a natural look for your eyes when you want to sport dramatic lips, and this look is a great pair with dramatic eyeliner designs such as the cat-eye.

2. Smokey Eyes

This is a dramatic look for the eyes that utilizes white, gray, and black shades of eyeshadow. Of course, you can create a smokey look using any combination of colors you like, as long as they are dark enough to pay homage to the look. To sport the smokey look, use your eyeshadow brush to sweep a light color, traditionally white, along your brow bone. Add a small amount of this light color to the inside of your eyes, close to the tear ducts, to make your eyes appear brighter and your face more alert and lively. Then, add a light shade of gray or charcoal to your eyelids and your crease. On the outside corner of each eye, sweep on a bit of black or dark gray and blend it in with the lighter shade of gray. Add some of this dark color to your crease, and line your lower eye with this color, being sure to pay particular attention to the outer corners.

3. A Pop of Color

Colorful eyeshadow is fun to use and it can really make the eyes stand out if you know how to use it just right. Of course, you should select the best hues for your natural eye color for best results. Brown eyes look great with shades of purple, in general, and blue eyes can be made to stand out using shades of gray. Green or hazel eyes look great using rust and brown eyeshadow. Of course, you can play around with colors of your choice to see how they effect the way your eyes look.