The Best Smart Watches For Your Needs

Many individuals are now turning to their smart watches and expect more technological advancements in the next few years to come. Whether you’re a runner, someone who’s trying to lose or gain weight, a businessperson who can’t miss phone calls and relies on smartwatches, or simply wanted to exercise for a fit and healthy body, using a smartwatch may be one of the most common tools that you may have to use to help you check those important stats.

Your choice of fitness tracker watch may also depend on a lot of factors – your budget, the kind of activity that you’re currently doing, and the device you’re currently using at the moment. Let’s break down all the different smartwatch fitness trackers out there in the market to help you figure out the best one that suits you best:

1. Apple Watch

This is a no-brainer, and it may not come off as a surprise for most of you, but if you’re someone who doesn’t mind paying a premium price for a smartwatch, then this is best for you. Yearly, Apple comes up with numerous updates and ensures that their watches become smarter and more versatile than ever!

If you have an Apple device, this is a plus since you can always sync your data and use the “Health” app from your iPhone. Some of the features you can expect from an Apple watch includes heartbeat, breathing reminders, steps, and the latest model is now FDA-approved to take accurate ECG readings! In addition to these fitness tracker features, you can also use your watch to utilize Apple pay, answer and make phone calls, stream music, and more.

2. Polar Vantage

For those of you who are serious about taking their 10,000 steps per day challenge, is pretty serious about either losing weight or gaining muscle mass, this smartwatch is for you. While this is durable enough, with amazing battery life to last through the entire day, its design is not exactly like what you can call as “stunning”. But hey, if you’re more after the features and don’t mind what it looks like, then this is a pretty awesome watch you can go with.

With built-in training metrics, you also have access to insights which are super easy for you to understand how your workout routine significantly contributes towards your health. Now, this isn’t something that all smartwatches offer – so if you’re one of those health-conscious and workout junkies, then this might just be right for you.

3. Fitbit Smartwatch

If you’re on a bit of a budget, doesn’t require lots of health insights, but likes to look at their heart rate, the number of steps they’ve taken and other basic metrics, then the Fitbit is perfect for you. It usually starts at $200 – and with a battery life that lasts for approximately 5 days, then this is already a good deal! This is also a great alternative for those people who aren’t on an Apple device and wants to get push notifications on their Android device.

All of these smart watches are rated to be the top in the market – one is more superior than others, depending on what your needs are. Some people may think that Fitbit works best for their needs, while others still rely on Apple. Again, it depends on how you intend to use it, what your budget is, and your current smartphone. Hopefully, this short guide has given you an idea on which smartwatch would work best for your needs and budget.