Tips For Training A Cat

Training a cat is something that many people assume is impossible because of the independent nature of these animals. This is not true and it is possible to train a cat. If you are thinking of training a cat, you need to know some tips that will help you do this.

Use Rewards

As with training a dog, rewarding your cat when they behave correctly is a good training method. However, you will need to find the right reward for your cat. In most cases, this will be some type of food.

The food that you choose as a reward needs to be safe for your cat and something that they covet. It cannot be something that they regularly have or they will not want to work to get it. A good option will be canned sardines in water that have no added salt. You should also ensure that your cat is hungry when you start training.

Make The Training Fun

If your cat is not having fun, they will want to leave and are not going to learn anything. If your cat is not interested in what you are going or wants to leave, you should allow this. There is no point continuing with the training if they are distracted and uninterested.

You will have more success with the training if your cat is having fun and interested in what is happening. Making the training fun is the best solution to keep them interested. The way to do this will vary depending on your cat and what they like.

Timeouts During Rough Play

Every cat owner has experienced rough play at some point and this is behavior that you will want to stop. The best way to train your cat regarding this is to have a timeout during rough play. This will not only help train your cat, but it will also save your arms from the scratches and bites that come with rough play.

If you are playing with your cat and they start tearing into your hands and arms, you need to extract yourself from their reach. You should then end playtime by leaving the room. This will teach your cat that rough play will result in no play at all.

Redirect Behaviour

There are certain behaviors that you want to train your cat to stop exhibiting and the best way could be redirection. If your cat often attacks your feet, you should throw a toy for them to play with instead. This can also be a sign that they are not getting enough playtime and you need to increase the amount of time you spend playing with them.

If you want your cat to stop scratching your furniture, you need to redirect this behavior to a scratch post. When you catch them in the act, remove them from the furniture and place them by the scratch post. This will help them associate the post with their need to scratch.

Training your cat is possible, but you will need to be patient. Going at their rate will help you succeed and you need to make the training fun for them.